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CrossFit in Yorkville, IL

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CrossFit Classes

Group CrossFit classes are the core of our program. The combination of weightlifting, high intensity movement, and cardio makes it the best 60 minutes of fitness out there!

The weights, movements and intensity of CrossFit workouts can be adjusted to meet the fitness level of any individual. This is the reason that the program gets acclaim from professional athletes, baseball moms, soccer dads and grandparents alike!

If you're new to CrossFit, we'll discuss whether group classes or personal training is the right first step during your No Sweat Intro.

What to Expect?

All of our CrossFit classes are coach-led. You will start with a warm up and then learn how to perform the exercises for that day.

The coach will provide any modifications that you might need due to things like age, weight, prior injuries or strength.

During the workout, the coach will correct your form and ensure that you are working at a pace that is safe and effective for your body and goals.

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